Scott McMahan is a software developer who specializes in mobile application development, web and database programming, system design and architecture, and developing software tools. He works with mobile devices, Linux, UNIX, and IBM mainframes; and programs in a variety of languages including C, Perl, Java, and PHP. He has been a software developer since 1993.


Scott McMahan has been a professional software developer since 1993, involved with the Internet and web since 1992, and a part-time writer. He made this web site to tell more about himself and his career.

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I mainly work with Linux and other UNIX platforms, and the mainframe. Recently, I've been heavily involved with mobile development. I mainly design and craft software where no solutions have yet been created, blazing a trail from scratch.

What matters most for a software developer is having a track record of producing working solutions that get results. My web site is project-oriented for this reason, showcasing software projects I've been involved with.

I have always been a "toolsmith", someone who writes extensible, adaptable programs that not only take care of specific tasks, but which grow as new functionality is needed. I also have a reputation for building very solid, robust software.

I have worked mostly with small businesses, which has given me a lot of insight into how business works, from product development to beta testing to releases to customer care, as well as the revenue generation, budgeting, and other important issues beyond software development. I've come to appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction as the core of any business.

"Scott's quality of work is exceptional. He documents thoroughly all procedures that he performs in a very concise manner. ... Scott has shown the initiative to develop new skills. ... Scott has shown superb analytical skills and a very methodical approach to problem solving. He is very quick to grasp the nature of a given problem and his in depth knowledge of computer science allows him to provide exceptional research. ... I have found it a pleasure to work with Scott and consider him an extremely valuable asset to the company. I would place him at or near the top of all...employees as regards technical skills and capabilities."

(This quotation is from my supervisor, the Director of Development and Support, in a recent performance appraisal. He was also in the Marine Corps for twenty years, so he has high standard of excellence.)

"Exceeds expectations. ... Scott accepts all assigned tasks with a willing attitude and is quick to recommend solutions. He demonstrates a pleasing personality and communicates well with fellow employees. ... Exceptional organization skills. Provides very thorough research and documentation. ... Highly skilled in UNIX platforms and communications. ... Scott has been with SoftBase for 19 years. He has been a most valuable asset in the success of the company. He has a very strong work ethic and documents his tasks in great detail. He presents a professional demeanor and is always a pleasure to work with." (excerpts from February 2013 evaluation)